Summer Excursions

Trekking, escursioni in estate
You will be fascinated with the nature and the magical forest of the Dolomites, Natural World Heritage even in summer. In fact, it is possible to go around easy itinerary within the Pale di Paneveggio Natural Park and in the surrounding of San Martino di Castrozza. Our courier will accompany you visit step-by-step hidden and fairy places with theme day like the Vanoi Museum day where you will take a look at the old crafts: the old water sawmill, the hut cheese production and the manufacturing of basket and conical wicker baskets.
The lovers of Nordic-walking will find a prepared coach, national instructor and excellent teacher who will introduce you to this healthy sport. He will go with you along the numerous paths even by night after giving you the necessary equipment and lamps. For those who love trekking and the sportier, there are many itineraries with different altitude gabs and physical tasks.
You could reach the striking Primiero mountain lakesLaghetti di Colbricon, Lago di Calaita, Lago Pisorno – by ease walking and excursions among the fascinating dolomitic landscapes.
One more time, our main summer attraction is water. Therefore the Eden Hotel and its entertainment staff offer different activities rafting on the Brenta river trying the thrill of a real rash descent; moreover, the Eden Hotel staff gives you the possibility of taking part in the water games along the creeks and in picnic lunches where you will roast meat and taking a bath in the fresh waters.
Also the green outdoor space of the Eden Hotel is a great place for relaxes, sure enough we have a heated Jacuzzi and a solarium with tanning beds where you could sip drinks while water is rubbing you down. We also arrange water games, competitions, Ping-Pong and five-a-side football challenges.
Our staff will go with you in all the activities and thanks to hotel bus you will visit the characteristic places. All these ingredients will make your holiday in nature unforgettable and cheerful.
Full list of hiking proposals from our hotel

Accompanied by the hotel van and by our collaborator Meo, you’ll discover the secrets of our territory during simple more challenging walks. The daily excursion locations can vary depending on time and according to people who wish to participate.

– Lake Calaita and Malga Lozen, in the beautiful Valle del Vanoi, at an altitude of 1,600 meters
– Church of San Silvestro in Gobbera Pass (1,000 meters)
– Ecomuseum Vanoi
– Lodge Vederna Alpe Vederna
– Val Noana: Fonteghi refuge Malga Valpiana (1,015 meters)
– Historic Centre of Mezzano: romantic visit to the permanent exhibition “Stacks and canzei”
– Lodge Caltena, Val Giasinozza, meadows of San Giovanni, Mezzano
– Troi of Caore Transacqua
– Val Canali Malga Canali, Piereni, Tais, Rifugio Petina
– Rifugio Treviso
– Dalaip of Pape, Passo Cereda
– Passo Cereda, Malga Dimple
– Lodge Dismoni, meadows Camp Mezzano
– Tour of the Mountain pastures, Alpe Tognola
– Passo Rolle, Matterhorn Hut, Baita Segantini
– Passo Rolle, Lakes of Colbricon
– Passo Rolle, Thinking Christ
– San Martino di Castrozza, the Rosetta plateau, glacier Fradusta
… And many other always exciting itineraries, with beautiful landscapes!